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What is Crypto Mint?


Crypto Mint (CM) is an emerging Fin-Tech peer-to-peer transaction platform that disseminates Crypto currencies aiming to establish itself as an alternative option to conventional banking. Crypto currencies are advantageous to all peoples as they offer security and undermine conventionally attendant fees of banking.


Regarding security, the Crypto Mint Crypto currencies are directly backed by Gold and Silver  bullion. Where modern money is vaguely representational, the Crypto Mint Crypto assets can be directly exchanged for the tangible bullion at the User’s request. With this in mind, the Crypto currency is always secured on a formidable foundation. Secondly, Bitcoin fees have skyrocketed when transferring to fiat currency, and the fees and hassles associated with normative finances, e.g. tax, banking and transfer fees are significantly reduced with the decentralized Blockchain technology.

Defining the Paradigm Shift in Personal Banking

How does it work?


The central interface for all balances and transactions is the Crypto Mint Wallet. This App will allow seamless access to User’s funds and grant them the ability to direct them wherever required, including existing bank accounts. In addition, unlike traditional banking, this system is not tied to one specific government – it is not tied to one specific currency and it is not tied to any specific bank. Therefore, it is completely crisis proof. Crypto Mint creates the opportunity for the under-banked and unbanked people of the world to connect  with modern markets, which will create a new source for growth to fuel the global economy.


Back in 2013, only about 100,000 people held one of these accounts, today more than 14 million are using this new platform. In fact, over a year ago, roughly $100 million was parked in this new system, today it’s $30 Billion and financial experts claim the market will balloon into the Trillions within the next few years. More than 300,000 Australian citizens have opened accounts, in nearly every city in the country; these people are now seeing huge gains on their savings.


Our Whitepaper outlines the many aspects of Crypto Mint in more detail, including the ICO, the registration process, the management of funds, the business projections and roadmap, the legal declaration, the global community grants program and, of course, all contact avenues for investment. In 2018, Crypto Mint has set to launch the first global Fin-Tech backed by physical Bullion on Blockchain.


The future is decentralization and you can now join the new system that has been gaining popularity in not only Australia, but also all around the world. This opportunity to jump in this early during a major paradigm shift will likely never happen again…


For crypto-investors, this is your chance to be the one of the first crowd Token holders of a Start-up project set for explosive increase of market share.

About Us



Crypto Mint (CM) is a new Fin-Tech innovation that brings together the historically assured security of the physical asset Gold and Silver Bullion with the digital security, speed and privacy of transactions that only Blockchain technologies offer – the future of the remittance industry is digital.  In an increasingly cashless future, Crypto Mint will embrace emerging payment innovations to offer differentiated value-adding digital experiences; this will deepen the relationships with Users that will lead to a dominant place for Crypto Mint in the changing global market landscape.


Crypto Mint will use its own designed Bullion Blockchain based solution, titled Bullion-Block™, this new suite of products will allow new digital functionality that was never possible before - globally traded digital currency that is fast, secure and tied to something real with intrinsic value – Gold Bullion backed Crypto-coins and Silver Bullion backed Crypto-coins.




“Our Vision: Is to utilize exciting emerging and disruptive Technology to solve conventional challenges with new solutions and to encourage wider participation in the financial markets by all people and businesses - to catalyze growth in communities and economies – along the One Belt, One Road route and beyond”


The Crypto Mint Bullion-Block based platform operates Bullion backed Crypto Asset Transactions worldwide – offering Privacy for fast Transactions of cash and physical Bullion for Withdrawals, Pickup or Delivery. The platform is designed for both the individual and for business use.


Crypto Mint is developing an inclusive user-friendly platform for anyone to use, and embrace the digital evolution in both crypto-currencies and real-world assets. CM believes that the current artificial geographical restrictions, including the need for a traditional bank account, can be eliminated. With the Bullion-Block peer-to-peer ecosystem.


Historical events such as the 1930s Great Depression and the 2008 Global Financial Crisis demonstrate that all fiat currency systems are prone to failure! Crypto Mint is the vehicle to protect and preserve your wealth, and If a bank holiday is declared in your country, the market shuts down or the internet falters – you are not affected!


Crypto Mint uses the daily Gold & Silver Bullion prices as set per Troy Ounce by the Shanghai Gold Exchange (SGE).


“Our Mission: Is to be a global pioneer in Decentralized Digital Wealth Sharing Transaction services – to lead the way for the future of Remittance... For the local small business and global corporations, for families and friends near or far away, for migrant workers and anyone in remote villages or challenging environments around the world and under-banked nations – by delivering fast, secure and private options for Bullion backed transactions.”

Crypto Mint Product Line



Crypto Coins - CryptoGOLD (CG) & CryptoSILVER (CS)

Crypto Currency – CM Wallet – CM Debit Card – CM Pay – CM Bullion Loans




Our company’s Bullion-Block provides a decentralized platform to convert physical Gold and Silver Bullion into Bullion-Block encrypted digital coins. This enables owners to protect, share, invest, trade, loan, move or grow their wealth and make instant financial transactions worldwide. Crypto Mint helps Users move their Bullion rapidly and easily from one part of the world to another and to help companies and individuals hedge their physical Bullion against market volatility and/ or for profit.


Users of Crypto Mint have full privacy when they convert fiat currency (cash) into and from the Bullion-Block Cryptocurrencies. The CM Bullion-Block is a decentralized system that operates between all permitted parties. There is no need to pay intermediaries (Middlemen), thus saving you administration fees, time and frustration. Crypto Mint helps the User convert Bullion into crypto-assets and reconvert these crypto-assets back into Bullion to facilitate border crossings and international digital transactions. Carrying Gold or Silver Bullion from one country to another can be problematic and frequently results in additional expenses, interrogation and in some cases it leads to confiscation.


The CM Debit card will use ATMS worldwide and will work like your regular Bank issued debit cards, as they exist in a cashless payment infrastructure but come with the added bonuses that only Bullion-Block technology can provide. Instead of being connected to a bank account, as traditional debit cards are, the Crypto Mint Debit card is linked to the digital currency wallet, with 24/7 access to cash and millions of locations around the world to make Online purchases through CM Pay.


CM Loans are User Cash Loans which are secured against 80% of Stored Users Bullion at 1% Fixed Interest rate per month.


By converting Bullion into Crypto Mint cryptocurrency, you not only ensure liberty to move and cross borders freely without fear, but you retain 100% value of your wealth at journey’s end. As the fiat currency system continues to devalue and many start to collapse, people will lose trust in paper money and seek alternative options. Blockchain Technology has the potential to usher in “a new paradigm of economic cooperation”.


User Transaction Flow Chart

Initial Coin Offering

The Crypto Mint ICO Will Be Announced Soon.


The ICO CM Token sale campaign will give Crypto Mint the unique ability to employ network effects and incentivize early Users (Community Members) to grow the network, benefiting both the User and the Project. During the crowd-sale campaign, the Tokens are sold at a reduced price for a limited amount. When listed on the crypto-currency exchanges the value of Crypto Mint Tokens is expected to be much higher.


This capital will be used for the running costs of the operations, to prepare the company for  IPO and for the business roadmap and rollout plan. The operating and marketing budgets will be converted into Bullion and distributed every Quarter to the company account over the 3 year period. All company revenues raised over the first 3 year Start-Up period will be used for the Crypto Mint Business Expansion Plan. The Crypto Mint Token is a Profit-Share Smart Contract. The Token represents the right to receive a part of distributed profits of Crypto Mint Bullion-Block. All tokens in aggregate will have the right to receive 20% of such profits. The CM Tokens will migrate into a C-Class share of Crypto Mint IPO, after the ICO crowd sale ends.


The capital raised from the ICO will be utilized the following way:


I. Offices and Bullion-Block Operations Set-Up (HK, Sing, Aus & India)

II. Bullion Purchase (50/50 Gold and Silver)

III. Operating Costs (Administration, IT, Staff, Legal & Accounting)

IV. PR, Marketing & Branding

V. IPO and Business Plan roll-out


WHY Invest in CRYPTO MINT -  Who is the Future Consumer in 2020 and beyond?


They are savvy, civically - minded, they are social activists, they are localvists. And while community and sustainability are important, they are thinking and talking about one thing: Crypto Mint as their choice as Money.


Embrace the Paradigm Shift


Crypto Mint is a peer-to-peer Blockchain Transaction platform backed by physical Gold & Silver Bullion that is enhancing online Transactions by utilising cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI). The company believes artificial intelligence and decentralized data hold the key to the future of the Remittance and  Financial Transaction sectors.


• The Crypto Mint Token (CMT), comes with Aligned Incentives

• Company Profit Sharing Structure

• Realistic ICO conditions with a reasonable cap, under Australia law

• People before Profit Global Grants Program

• Short Time-To-Market

• Strong Business & Investment Strategy

• A Dynamic Team with incredible backgrounds and experience

• Crypto Assets that are Backed by Gold and Silver Bullion

• Buy, Transfer, Invest or lend and much more from a single interface & digital wallet

• Ecosystem Community with Voting Rights

• Strategic Corporate (Legal & Tax) Structure

• A Secure and Realistic Alternative to the current banking system

• The Bullion-Blockchain platform offers liberty and freedom outside the banking system


Bitcoin Transactions have become more expensive than the mainstream conventional competitors... In Bitcoin’s early days, one of its selling points was the ability to move money globally, with little to no fees. That is no longer the case, commerce companies are struggling to use Bitcoin for its intended purpose, as a currency, even as fees erode their profit margins.


Bitcoin is now in a situation where the fees are very high and are likely to continue to increase, so it’s not even competitive with PayPal or Western Union in most cases. Bitcoin fees have risen nearly 19-fold, from 13 cents per average transaction in the second quarter of 2016 to $2.40 in the same quarter of this year. The fees for sending Bitcoin are also hurting emerging markets where the digital currency could make sense - such as in parts of Africa and or in SE Asia. However, when consumers are only earning a couple dollars a day in these countries, it does not make sense to spend a week’s worth of wages just on fees. Even in first world countries, there is a big cost that can be felt with high Bitcoin fees.


Shaun Chong, lead developer of the mining pool recently said: “The difficulty and expense of using Bitcoin is making it an unpopular choice for those commerce stores who want to embrace the new technology of money. Bitcoin cannot be used properly for commerce when a transaction costs more than $2. If the fees were lower, the Bitcoin price would be even higher because Bitcoin would be more usable, in its current state, Bitcoin is broken”


However, underground may not be so bad anymore as Robert Neuwirth points out in his brilliant Foreign Policy article, “The Shadow Superpower”. If aggregated, this $10 trillion global black market is the world’s second largest economy after the United States and it is also the world’s fastest growing economy.


The OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) projects that, by the year 2020, fully two-thirds of the world’s workers will inhabit this shadow economy, or “System D.” As Neuwirth elaborates, it refers to the entire untaxed, unlicensed, and unregulated cash-based economy: System D is a slang phrase pirated from French-speaking Africa and the Caribbean.  This essentially translates as the ingenuity economy, the economy of improvisation and self-reliance, the do-it-yourself, or DIY, economy.

People b4 Profit - Global Grants Program



Crypto Mint is community minded and committed to setting up a Foundation to be registered as People b4 Profit and located in Melbourne, Australia.


The Foundation will be granted 50% of the Gross Profit at the close of the financial year (annually) to distribute direct grants worldwide, to local community’s and villages and to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that address economic opportunity through education, job training, life skills and small business development; and to enhance the sustainability of local communities worldwide.


In addition, when a natural disaster strikes anywhere around the world, the Foundation will provide immediate funding to help with immediate relief.


Priority Grant Areas


  • Grants to non-profits and community groups
  • Youth development through community and civic initiatives
  • Women - economic empowerment and entrepreneurship
  • Funding education vocational training programs as a pathway to economic opportunity
  • Funding financial literacy tools
  • Responding in times of disaster
  • Advocate a world that offers harmony and equal opportunity for all
  • Sustainable living and resources
  • Organic Farming - Anti GMO crops
  • Environment protection
  • Restoration and preservation of ecosystems and Mother Earth




The People b4 Profit Foundation will also support local community programs worldwide such as local arts and culture, and local community economic development programs.

Message from the Founders



“My name is Ilias Bafas and I am the compelled visionary and one of the passionate ideologists behind Crypto Mint. I have a strong belief that one day soon the rule of law will return with real money to the global economic system in the form of Gold and Silver Bullion backed assets. I predict that within five to seven years we will see the return of Gold and Silver precious metals as wealth, and that the Crypto Mint Bullion backed crypto-assets will become the trading units for these transactions worldwide.


We are now seeing and hearing central bankers and high profile MSN market experts and economic gurus start to raise bubble alarm bells about the unsustainable global economic debt, in my reality, it resembles a Ponzi Casino. Precious metals will be one of the very few ways to insure yourself against total wealth destruction in the impending global economic correction – which will make the 1930’s Depression look like a picnic.


I consider Bullion backed crypto-assets to be an incredible alternative to our current fiat system, especially in today’s global climate where government-backed currencies are constantly exposed for their shortcomings, and distrust in governance and banking is at an all-time high. I’m watching the popularity growing day by day as more and more people lose faith in their government and central banks fiat currencies, financial institutions and the debt inflated financial markets.


The immoral theft inherent in the global economic system was exposed publicly for everyone to see during the 2008 Global Financial Crisis. The fraudsters were bailed out by Taxpayers and rewarded for their crimes while everyone else took the loss – then the Blockchain technology came along, and it has captured the imagination and created disruption to the world ever since. Gold and Silver Bullion are liberty to the people of the world.


Financial affairs are an indispensable feature of modern life and as such, they have a substantial influence on human livelihood and well-being. I operate from a position of compassion and I am deeply saddened by the continual failings of the current global economic system. Events such as the Libor Scandal and the 2008 GFC indicate that change is necessary. I am excited to offer this new alternative, where we can reestablish control and ensure that the funds we earn are both stable and meaningful and importantly, not vulnerable to the greed and mishandling of faceless corporations.


For what I can see, our so called modern society has reached Max-centralization, and the way forward for the future of humanity is all about De-Centralization. The Mission and Vision of Crypto Mint is to develop a Platform that provides sovereignty to the User, and our passion will accelerate this technological evolution.”





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