Crypto Mint DEX

The Crypto Mint Decentralized Exchange

Our Gold and Silver bullion backed blockchain (BULLIONBLOCK) and Cryptocurrency Coins to store gold and silver bullion value, will also be on our own Exchange. Our CryptoMint crypto coins will not be seeking to join any other exchanges. Our members (User) will be able to make purchases ith a variety of fiat currencies; USD, Euro and Yuan to begin with. Other currencies may be added in future according to demand, our exchange will also be able to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum. The CryptoMint Gold and Silver coins are pinned to the bullion prices set by the Shanghai Gold Exchange. The CryptoMint exchange will provide a secure e-wallet that will come with a Debit Visa or Mastercard, as well as secure wallet storage for other Cryptocurrencies and Fiat assets. All user accounts will have optional 2fa security for extra peace of mind. The BullionBlock exchange (CryptoMint) will not allow for bartering, it will operate a 24 hr Customer-Service based in Singapore to protect the well-being of our Members (User) and the integrity of our blockchain platform authenticity. Our exchange will provide a digital record of the open transaction for accountability; Commerce + Unity = Community. The trading exchange will operate in accordance with the BULLIONBLOCK KYC (Know Your Customer) policy to provide a stable and reliable platform for our users, it will deliver a high quality, honest and secure recession-positive service.